ABK, Pilsner

£ 24.44, 500 cl

A well balanced and full-bodied beer with a smooth aromatic hop taste.

Tasting notes

Intensive straw yellow colour with clear and glossy appearance.

Tettnanger hops for the fine aroma, complimented by Hallertau Select and Hallertau Herkules hops for a perfectly balanced, light, fresh and easy drinking beer.


In 1308 the Aktien Brewery of Kaufbeuren, along with it's cellars, courtyard and barns, was donated to the citizens of Kaufbeuren by Henry Twinger, a wealthy local Baron. To ensure only the highest quality beers, The Kaufbeuren Brewers Guild was formed in 1325 making a declaration that all beers produced in Kaufbeuren could only use the finest barley, hops, yeasts and the purest local waters. All other ingredients were banned. The Aktien Brewery was for evermore known for their superbly crafted beers.

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